Help us stop the massive 5G rollout by doing these four simple things:

1. Click below & Sign the Stop 5G Petition

2. Contact your elected and appointed representatives and tell them…

The wireless industry is ignoring the published, peer-reviewed science proving that wireless radiation causes biological harm.

  • 5G is not a public service, not necessary for public safe, but puts the public at risk!
  • Involuntary exposure to microwave radiation in our own homes violates our right to peace and privacy. 

Click BELOW to find contact information for your representatives. 

3. Tell your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and local officials. Use your social media to spread this message. Share this website, the videos and fact sheets. Encourage everyone to make phone calls. They work!



Introduce yourself, tell where you’re calling from, say you’re a registered voter and then get right to the point with, “I’m calling to express my strong opposition to the rollout of 5G in Bermuda.”  Then explain why this issue is so important to you.  Below are some additional points you might consider using in your conversation:

  • The wireless industry is over-stepping its bounds. Its efforts to fast-track the deployment of millions of new RF microwave antennas are an assault on local and state rights as well as public health
  • 5G is not a utility, and the public should not allow any private industry to override local zoning regulations or discretionary review. For-profit companies should not be permitted to use public property without compensating taxpayers, or use private rights-of-way without consent of property owners.
  • There are now thousands of independent, peer-reviewed and published studies proving biological harm from exposure to wireless radiation, and new alarming studies continue to come out every day. This is a similar situation to tobacco and asbestos. We know what happened in those cases. 
  • Freedom of choice is a fundamental democratic value
  • Wireless infrastructure consumes at least ten times as much energy as wired technologies. A massive build-out of 5G will significantly increase demand for power, resulting in greater greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.  
  • Extreme weather events now routinely occur around the country – wildfires, hurricanes, flash floods, mudslides, drought. These events are causing local governments to carefully examine the implications of hanging hundreds of pounds of wireless transmission equipment on telephone poles in their residential neighborhoods.
  • We already have a better solution anyway: Fiber optic is proven, it’s safe, secure and much, much faster. 


“I expect the (Elected or Appointed Representative) to take steps to protect my health, safety, security, privacy and property.  I’m asking the (Elected or Appointed Representative) to reject any proposal to use public funds or public property to facilitate the deployment of expanded wireless networks.

I’d like someone to get back to me and tell me exactly what the (Elected or Appointed Representative) is going to do about this issue. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.”

4. Join the International Movement for Safe Technology