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Bermuda STOP 5G!! - BAST

The Regulatory Authority has put “5G Small Cell, Microwave Technology” on the table for our Bermudian community to consult upon and give feedback.

We believe that the Regulatory Authority has the responsibility to keep our population and whole island safe when considering advances in technology. When Bermuda says we are moving towards “preventative medicine,” we say that includes preventing a technology that has been shown to have many harmful effects on people, birds, bees, and trees from pervading our island. 5G technology would see the erection of many microwave-emitting, small cells right outside our very homes, schools, and places of work. It would see the unmitigated destruction of masses of trees.

Dr. Paul Heroux says “If Bermuda wants increased cancer and disease, install 5G.” Dr. Sharon Goldberg calls the deployment of 5G technology, in medical terms, a “Human Subjects Experiment.” She says that in such circumstances it is required to have “informed consent” from all parties that may be affected.  

Please share this Bermuda STOP 5G!! flyer widely and join the voices who care about Bermuda and her people. Share, share, share, we, the people need to have a say!